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Reinvention of a business, going from industry A to Industry B, due to client needs or economic or other reasons.

Young Business Person

Under 35 on 1st January 2018.

Most Creative Website (Designer)

The company or individual responsible for the most creative website.

Best Crafter Business

This relates to ALL types of craft businesses.

Business to Business

Covering all business to business providers.

E Commerce

E Commerce websites. (E.g. Etsy, EBay shops, Amazon Stores)

New Business

Any business created on or after 1st of January 2016.

Best Food Provider

Wholesale or retailer, manufacturing or baker. Farm to fork.

Giving Back

This is open to everyone - business or community groups who give back to the community. This includes everything from community conscious businesses, theatre groups, first responders, and all types of community service groups who provide an unpaid service in the community.

Image & Occasion

Do you provide services for those special Occasions? No matter what your service is, once it is for those special occasions, this is the category for you.  

Health and Holistic

This is the category for all the alternative health providers. Whether you provide Reiki, Massage, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, or any other type of alternative (or mainstream) health care, this is for you.


This is for everyone in the Party planning, DJing, or any other part of the entertainment industry.

Best Male Entrepreneur

Exactly what is says on the tin!

Best Female Entrepreneur

Exactly what is says on the tin!

Best Social Media Presence

Includes FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc...) What does your social media say about you?

Best Business Support

This covers your “Go To” people for supports, who offer their services, without charge. It could be an individually run initiative, a social media group, a mentor, a website...


As with our young entrepreneur, this is for the over 50's. Any business operated by a senior-prenuer can enter this category.

Best Business Adviser (in an official capacity)

Who have you dealt with in an official capacity (e.g. LEO) that has made the process easier for you?


Innovation is to do with outside-of-the-box thinking. So, what have you identified as the issue, and what is your solution?

Overall Business of 2018

From the list of finalists, one business will be chosen as the overall Microbusiness of the year. The overall winner is based on concept and finalists submission only. This can result in the overall winner not winning their respective category.


The first thing our judges are looking at is your website, which is looked at from 3 perspectives:

Visual Impact, Ease of use and most importantly VALUE OF CONTENT.

Next up is your social media. They look at FaceBook content, Twitter use, LinkedIn, and other Social Media.

Finally they consider your business concept. What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? What makes you stand out from your competitors?

If you don’t love something, you’re not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much.


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A Business you love?

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